Keplerswap Enlights The Path Of DeFi 2.0

If finance is the iconic product of the development of human civilization to the capital society, then the financial model that assigns scientific and technological elements from the underlying technical level will be the first step to open a new pattern of decentralization and create a future intelligent social civilization.

Currently, almost all hot spots in the blockchain industry will develop around two lines. One is the enthusiasm of capital institutions with BTC as the core, and the other is the vigorous development of the DeFi ecosystem. The forerunner of the blockchain is leading the development of the market. In the past 12 years, the blockchain has formed the first complete closed loop-DeFi. When the industry explored blockchain landing everywhere, DeFi took the lead in forming a closed loop.

There was no support in the past, and the coins mined for mining will be discarded and sold by ruthless mining. Relying on mining to attract business, funds are easily attracted to projects with higher yields, which will be subject to a huge test. LEND and UNISWAP, which have huge business without mining, will highlight the leading advantages, and the stronger the stronger.

Mining will be the icing on the cake, not the decisive factor in project selection. In the most competitive DEX and YFI related fields, there are not many opportunities, and the risks of new projects outweigh the opportunities. However, there are still plenty of opportunities in the DeFi subdivisions such as lending and derivatives. The Keplerswap platform is inherently inclusive, integrating all the so-called simple SWAP platforms in the past, and boring and boring gameplay mechanisms. These are stumbling blocks that hinder public participation.

After the launch of the DeFi ecosystem, on the one hand, centralized exchanges can be used as traffic portals, which can effectively lower the threshold for retail investors to enter the DeFi market, help more users directly reach the DeFi project, and promote the project. On the other hand, mining projects screened by exchanges are of higher quality. Retail investors can directly participate in mining without the need for secondary market acceptance, which prevents DeFi projects from becoming a tool for large investors to harvest retail investors.

In general, the opening of DeFi provides a more convenient channel for many users who are still standing on the periphery of DeFi, allowing more users to participate in DeFi, and thus promote the development of DeFi.

KEPLER is committed to creating a perfect planet that is more suitable for future human habitation than the earth. In the first stage of KeplerSwap’s development, the platform will be built as a decentralized exchange protocol based on the EOS public chain. Anyone can easily invest and trade EOS assets on the platform; in the second stage, the platform will build more public blockchains. The decentralized exchange protocol realizes multi-chain and cross-chain aggregation; in the final stage, the KeplerSwap team will improve the technical defects of the existing public chain that restrict the development of DeFi, and develop a higher-performance underlying public chain, which will greatly promote the development of DeFi. Technological and financial innovations will bring unlimited possibilities for the development of DeFi 2.0.

With the completion of the EOS version upgrade, the shining star DeFi application — — Keplerswap will soon be launched on the EOS public chain, and subsequent multi-chain and cross-chain technology development will be carried out, landing on ETH, DOT, BSC, OKT, etc. Keplerswap will create the first DeFi 2.0 decentralized exchange on the EOS chain. This may be a dark horse of DeFi 2.0. Communities in more than 20 countries have joined the community. The future of DeFi 2.0 presented by Keplerswap is worthy for worldwide Blockchain enthusiasts’s waiting.