KeplerSwap丨DeFi2.0 Explorer Based On Binance Smart Chain(BSC)

KeplerSwap as the explorer of Defi 2.0, is the smart contract based on Binance smart chain (BSC) and is working on realizing muti-chain and cross-chain aggregation. Meanwhile, KeplerSwap is the first decentralized exchange under DeFi2.0 structure. Besides having full access to DeFi 1.0 services, KeplerSwap also provides other services such as referral program, SPACE, Lucky Pool etc., which solves many issues that Defi 1.0 has left behind.

Binance smart chain (BSC) is the international public-chain that KeplerSwap decides to distribute on , and KeplerSwap will build a new eco-system on BSC. Following the development trend of DeFi 2.0 , BSC is also working hard to be up-to-date. Relying on its depth, liquidity and low rates, it is favoured by many users as well as many quality projects.

The bull market that started in 2020 is still in progress, the most representative digital assets such as BTC, ETH and BNB have pushed the development of the entire crypto financial ecology. Especially the establishment of the DeFi ecology has provided a higher level of support to the crypto financial market. Binance Exchange is opening an new era based on BSC.

KeplerSwap’s selection of the BSC as the first mainstream public chain to go live is based on a long-term international perspective. With a leading position in terms of daily transactions and daily active addresses, the strength of the BSC cannot be underestimated in a rapidly expanding ecosystem.

According to KeplerSwap’s roadmap, the official launch of the multi-chain product will be completed in Q4 2021, cross-chain aggregation will be implemented, the project will be opened for listing and will support multi-currency asset exchange for most of the mainstream coin public chains as soon as possible.

To learn more about the future plans for KeplerSwap, check out the white paper to see KeplerSwap’s roadmap:

2017 Q2 KeplerSwap concept is presented

2020 Q4 KeplerSwap project started

2021Q1 KEPLER-22 FOUNDATION LIMITED is established

2021 Q2 Global internal testing begins and KeplerSwap will be officially launched; SDS goes live

2021 Q3-Q4 Launch of multi-chain products and platform coins, enabling cross-chain aggregation and trading

Q1 2022 Open project to the crypto industry

Q2 2022 KeplerSwap public chain development begins

With a current market cap of $11 billion and a history high of $22 billion, KeplerSwap is a strong rival to Uniswap’s next-generation decentralized exchange (DEX) and will have a strong impact on the existing DeFi market.

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